There he stood…

His proud neck stretched out high as he surveyed the landscape around him.  This was definitely an unusual sight.  I had never seen a seagull in this area before.  What had brought him so far north?  There weren’t any waterways around, so how did he happen to be here?  What drew him to this place… caused him to venture out where no other seagull existed?

As I watched him and contemplated these thoughts, he suddenly spread his wings and took off like a majestic creature.  He soared high above the rooftops, circled twice and then vanished.

And I was left to wonder…

Why? How? What?

And then the thought hit me.

Could he have possibly, deliberately left his flock in search of new opportunities? Or was this seagull abandoned – maybe because he was hurt or injured and was weighing down the progress of the flock? 

It was the middle of summer – so there was no dire need for migration.  And in fact, even during the winter, I had observed massive flocks of seagulls staying behind in Toronto, near the lakes, as they knew that they would have food from the scraps provided by the pedestrians down below.

But Why?  Why this lonely seagull?  Was he sent to bring me a message?

I remembered once more how he stood erect in the middle of the street – calm, collected and confident.  He seemed to have no fear and knew where he was going.  There was no hesitation in his movements – he was focused, had an objective and he followed his intuition.

And then I thought of myself.

In many ways, I was a lonely seagull as well.

I had decided to leave the pack and venture into waters that most people with my background would never venture into.  But I had this uncanny feeling that this was the path that I was supposed to follow, this was my calling.  I was indeed following my intuition.

Unlike the seagull, though – at times I would be wrought with doubts.  Was I really doing the right thing?  And the more I asked myself the question, the more I realized that there is no other path.  I had come to the fork in the road and chose the one less traveled, but the one that truly aligned with who I was.

The mighty seagull has definitely taught me something today.

Choose your path with confidence and with focus.  Let nothing deter you from your calling. Proceed without fear for the rewards are waiting for you.

Soar…Soar…high among the treetops…Soar as you truly were meant to.