Day 1 is done and in the books. Truth be told, I did not find it that hard.  The hardest part was getting my body to adjust to the increased water intake and to fit in the 2nd exercise session.  This I knew going in would be a challenge.  Other than that, Day 1 was ok.

I woke up today feeling oddly parched – which makes little sense considering the amount of water I drank yesterday.  Also, I was a bit tired this morning.  Spent most of the night waking up and going to the bathroom, so that might have been a contributor lol.

Regardless of how I felt, I got up and got to it first thing this morning.  Woke up at about 4 am and drank my first two glasses of water – wanted to get a head start on the day.  I took my profile picture, then meditated for about 15 mins and read my 10 pages from #Ask Gary Vee.  There, barely an hour into my day and already I have two items checked off with one in progress.

Next it was a change of clothes and out for a walk.  One hour later, I was back home, to my second 16 oz mug of water.  I fed the dog, grabbed an apple as I wasn’t particularly hungry, and decided to do my 2nd workout immediately as yesterday’s 4:30 pm timing caused too much disruption in my day.  This adjustment worked out perfectly. Filled my third 16 oz mug and smiled to myself.  It was now about 7:15 am and I had already completed most of the Challenge’s requirements: 


  • Take a Progress Picture
  • Do two 45 min workouts – one outside
  • Read 10 pages of Non-Fiction per day
  • Almost halfway through my water requirement for the day (6 – 8 oz servings done, 10 to go) 

Every hour on the hour my reminders went off, reminding me to drink my glass of water.  I continued with the 16 oz mugs and finished my water intake at about 3 pm.  Finishing this early should definitely reduce the interruptions to my sleep.


Here were my meals today:


Breakfast – Apple

Mid Morning – Avocado wrap with collard greens 

Lunch – Mixed green salad with walnuts 

Mid afternoon –  Tamarind snack 

Dinner – Green salad surprise (made up of greens from the backyard) – Mustard greens, celery, beet leaves, collard greens and peppers, drizzled with cashew nut dressing

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