Day 8 of the 75 Hard Challenge.  Things are getting routine now.  The challenge itself is becoming less challenging as I immerse it into my morning routine.

Success and Experience to Date

My body is feeling the effects of the two 45-min workouts.  I have increased the intensity of my first workout and take about a 30-min break before I begin my 2nd workout.  That one really does me in.  I am feeling muscles ache where I did not remember I had muscles.  But it is all power for the course – onward and forward!

There was a nice lift to the day.  I have broken through a weight threshold and now am officially in a lower bracket.  Yippee – and it’s only been a week.laughing

I also find that I am less tired  – which is causing a challenge as I cannot fall asleep at my normal time.  But that simply means that I can get more me time if needed. 

This will be a very short post today.  I’m really settling into this.  Very proud.

Here were my meals today:

Breakfast – Coffee

Mid morning – Collard Green salad with White Balsamic Vinegar, Walnuts and Avocado 

Lunch – Nada

Mid afternoon – Raw cauliflower with a roasted pepper dip

Dinner –  The last of my Curried Cauliflower soup with shredded raw zucchini  

Day 9 is here.

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