It’s 4:30 am on Day 4 and I am reminiscing on my activity and experience on Day 3 of the 75 Hard Challenge.

To be honest, Day 3 was amazing – I was really in flow.  I had tons of energy and was able to accomplish all the 75 Hard requirements by 6 pm.

The interesting thing I noticed was my ability to do more than was required. 


For example, my water intake.  I was required to drink a gallon of water a day – a tough feat on Day 1, but one that became easier and easier once I applied a systematic process to the activity.

So instead of trying to drink 16 – 8 oz glasses of water, I drank instead 8 – 16 oz mugs of water every hour on the hour, from the time I woke up.

 This equates to the following schedule: 

  • 4:30 am      1st mug
  • 5:30 am     2nd mug
  • 7:30  am     3rd mug 
  • 8:30 am      4th mug
  • 9:30 am      5th mug
  • 10:30  am    6th mug 
  • 2:30  pm    7th mug 
  • 4:30 pm      8th mug

This revised schedule and format not only ensured that I got my water in early enough during the day, but also ensured that my sleep was not interrupted by frequent bathroom trips.  A big win for me and for you too – if you follow this approach.

The result was that I woke up more energized and refreshed on Day 3 than I did on Day 2 and was extremely productive.

And if I really wanted to, I could drink more water before I retired for the night.  I had expanded my capacity with just a few tweaks.


The second thing that I changed on Day 2 was my exercise schedule.  Instead of fitting in my exercise at 4:30 pm(which, quite frankly, is my lowest-energy point of the day), I decided to  do both my outside workout and my inside workout right after each other – when I had my highest levels of energy.

So right after my morning walk and my doggie care activities were done, I settled into my 2nd workout, which was made even that much easier by using an app.  The app that I use is called Freeletics.   The reason why I like it is because it has a massive database of exercise regimes that can be adapted to my fitness level, and requires no machines – just the use of my bodyweight. 

As 75 Hard calls for a 45 min workout and most of Freeletics workouts are about 30 min, I had to devise an additional 15 minutes to add to complete my required time.  So I filled in the 15 mins by adding yoga and plank holds.  Mission accomplished.

Now the system is complete.  My strategy of tackling the 75 Hard monster is working.

Final Schedule – Day 3, 75 Hard Challenge

Here’s how my Day 3 panned out:


Time Activity
4:30 am Wake up and drink my 1st mug of water (spiked with apple cider vinegar)
Take my picture using the 75 Hard App
Read 10 pages
Meditate / Pray for 15 mins
5:10 am Review my plan for the day – esp. my meal plan
Write in my journal
5:30 am Drink my 2nd mug
6: 00 am Go for my walk (1 hr)
7:00 am Doggie Care
7:15 am Drink my 3rd mug
7:20 am – 8: 05 am Exercise using the Freeletics App
8:05 am Take a shower and get ready for my day
8:30 am Drink my 4th mug.  Prepare my coffee and breakfast smoothie
9:00 am  Begin work
9:30 am Drink my 5th mug; Prepare my 6th mug
10:30 am Drink my 6th mug; Prepare my 7th mug
12:30 pm Lunch
2:30 pm Drink my 7th mug; Prepare my 8th mug
3:30 pm Afternoon snack (if required)
4:30 pm Drink my 8th mug
5:00 pm Close off work activities – Go for a short walk with the dog
5:30 pm Prepare and have dinner.
9:30 pm Bed


As you can see, I structured the activities so that I would complete the majority early in the day when I had the most energy and least likelihood that I would be thrown off course. 


Here were my meals today:


Breakfast – Green Smoothie, made of celery, cucumber, ginger, corriander 

Lunch – Avocado wrap with collard greens 

Mid afternoon –  Handful of walnuts and an apple

Dinner – Green salad with roasted sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts

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