I hurt. No, seriously. I hurt all over. That HIIT routine I added to my 75 Hard Challenge first workout yesterday really did me in. Plus I didn’t sleep as well as I have been lately and I know it’s all my fault.

Why? Because I added watermelon to my meals yesterday. Watermelon? Yes Watermelon. That healthy food that everyone loves, especially during a hot spell like we’ve been having.

  • Yes – Watermelon is acceptable under the NOOM diet plan, so I was completely in compliance with the 75 Hard Challenge rules
  • Yes – Watermelon was perfect for the heat

BUT – WATERMELON IS MOSTLY SUGAR! And I have not had anything with sugar for almost 10 DAYS! So guess how my body reacted> With a HUGE SPIKE and a HUGE CRASH. Hence my lack of energy this morning. Bummer.

I checked all my other biomarkers that I am tracking and everything is in line:

  • Weight loss is a bit off track – has stabilized but has not gone up. That’s a good thing.
  • Blood Pressure numbers are still decreasing.

So I’m happy that I wasn’t thrown too far off track, but this has made me very aware of the importance of my food choices. Back to the green stuff I go. 🙂

One area that I must address is that of the profile picture. If you are doing this challenge (and I really hope you do), you will find that constantly taking the profile picture everyday doesn’t show any change.
I certainly don’t see any change in mine.

But what I gain from this exercise is an increased commitment to the program and a desire for change. Looking at your body in the mirror every single day, forces you to see what you may normally discount and not pay attention to. It forces you to see the real, raw view that you may have hidden under loose clothing, pretending that you’re fine. It forces you to see the flaws but also be excited by the possibilities if you do complete the program. It is a brilliant way to keep you focused.

SO for me, today is a reset – and adjustment in my strategy. If I truly want to accomplish my goals, within the 75 Hard Challenge structure, I need to listen to my body and feed it what it needs to be able to get the support to reach those goals.

So no more watermelon. In fact here’s my strategy – Hubby will need to finish the rest of the watermelon. It’s dead to melaughing

Here were my meals today:

Breakfast – Celery Juice with natural collagen

Mid morning – Nada

Lunch – Seaweed salad with cucumbers

Mid afternoon – Broccoli with a Roasted Red Pepper dip

Dinner –  Vegetable Soup

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