I feel great.  No Kidding. I. Feel. Great. Going through the 75 Hard Challenge has really helped me reset and get re-centered.  I have released weight, started rebuilding muscle and I’m experiencing a level of energy and focus that I have missed for years.

I felt so good this morning – it was like I was walking on Cloud 9.  The morning routine is settling in, but as always, I pushed the envelope.  Just one more tweak.  This time the tweak was to add sprints to my walk.

If you remember, I used a defined playlist a few days ago to help me speed up the tempo of my walk.  Well, today I added 3 sprints to that morning workout.  No defined times.  I just listened to my body and when I felt I was able… WHOOSH!  Well not quite that fast, but I’ll get there. laughing

I also went back into my raw food archives to look for some interesting recipes so that I could add variety to my meals.  And I found them.  Used one today (the watermelon and tomato salad which was absolutely delish.  Can’t wait to share my other finds tomorrow.laughing

Here were my meals today:

Breakfast – Nada

Mid morning – Nada

Lunch – Watermelon and Tomato salad with mint and honey

Mid afternoon – Broccoli and Radishes with a Roasted Red Pepper dip

Dinner –  Watermelon and Tomato salad with mint and honey

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