I woke up late today.  Well, late compared to my normal waking time of 3 am.  2 hours late actually.  So I needed to adjust my schedule today.  At 7:07 am, I completed part of my #75Hard Challenge morning activities…

  • Progress picture taken                      CHECK
  • 10 Pages Read                                    CHECK
  • Weigh-In                                              CHECK
  • Daily Devotional and Prayer            CHECK
  • First Mug of water consumed          CHECK
  • Shower                                                 CHECK 

At 7:10 am, I left for my morning walk.  50 minutes later, I was back home, sweating and wishing that I had not taken a shower before that event.  But it’s too late now – I have to get ready for a 2 hour training with my Social Media Accelerator group.  Grabbed my 2nd mug of water, splashed a handful of water on my face, a bit of lipstick and powder – and we’re ready to rock-and-roll.

10:00 am.  Training is finished and I have just enough time to get a quick shower and grab another mug of water before my 10:30 am call with a new prospect.

11:30 am   My third mug of water and a breather.  Well – not really.  I have to finish a proposal for a 1:30 pm presentation.  But first – lunch.  Turned out to be a green salad made with collard greens.  Is that going to be enough?  It will have to be for now.  Grabbed my fourth mug of water.

12:00 pm Took a deep breath and dove right into the proposal.  Took a break at 1:00 pm and grabbed my fifth mug of water together with a handful of walnuts (noted as a red food by Noom but acceptable as it forms part of my “keto-izing” strategy)

1:30 pm  Zoom presentation with a new prospect for about 1 hour.  Went quite well – I am pleased.  Grabbed my sixth mug of water and checked my schedule.  Half an hour before my next appointment.  Perfect.  Need to breathe. Just realized I have not eaten anything since the morning.  Opened the fridge and saw the makings of an amazing salad – cucumber, tomatoes, onion, bit of basil, red wine vinegar and olive oil and I am in heaven.  

3:00 pm  My seventh mug of water. And my appointment.  This one went a bit later than expected – 2 HOURS!!!

5:00 pm – My eight mug of water and a change of clothes for my second workout.  Can’t miss this – I’ve come too far with the #75Hard Challenge.  Checked the app.  OUCH. Another conditioning workout.  Oh well…

6:30 pm – I am done.  Literally.  Physically and mentally.  Took a shower and finished off the rest of the salad.  For the first time in a long time, I am going to see what’s new on Netflix.  Hope I don’t fall asleep before the movie is done.laughing

Here were my meals today:

Breakfast – Nada

Mid morning – Nada

Lunch – Collard Green salad with White Balsamic Vinegar; walnuts

Mid afternoon – Cucumber and Tomato salad

Dinner –  Cucumber and Tomato salad

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