Can you believe it?  We are on Day 61.  Where has the time gone? 

Day 61 of the 75 Hard Challenge – and I am still alive. laughing

Seriously though, this challenge has been quite the experience.  I know that I said that I would blog daily about my journey, but life took a turn and prevented me from doing that.  How?  Well…

1. My business just got crazy busy over the past few months.  That’s great, but I was putting in long hours and had to be very critical of what I would spend my time on.  When clients are giving you money to help them build their businesses, then that takes precedence over everything else;


2. I had a technical disaster which prevented me from accessing my blog.  So even if I wanted to, I could not do anything on my website.  I am thankful that we finally got it fixed – I just wished it hadn’t taken this long. 

Truth be told, I guess if I had the time to follow-up and make sure the fine details were taken care of that this would not have taken so long. But no time to cry over spilt milk.  Let’s get on with it.

So the 75 Hard Challenge…I’m sure you’re wondering how it’s been going?

Well, much better than I had previously thought.  My clothes are now falling off me (really need to go shopping) and I have more stamina and energy so my exercise sessions are much less strenuous than they used to be.

As well, I am sleeping better and really don’t seem to have many cravings anymore.  I finished 2 books, which is a huge accomplishment.  Making the commitment to finish the 10 pages of reading a day was a game changer – I used to read daily, but would defer a day if there were other commitments that needed my attention.  Well, that no longer happens.  Making the commitment and being held accountable really works.

So we have 14 more days to go.  Just two more weeks.  I am sure there will still be improvement, but I am sooo happy with what I have experienced so far, that anything more would be gravy …. or the cherry on top of a sundae (just kidding – no sweets for me laughing).

I’ll be posting my last post for the 75 Hard Challenge after the challenge concludes.  If you’re thinking of doing it, please don’t delay.  The results are well worth it.

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