It’s Day 15 of the 75 Hard Challenge and I am learning a lot about myself and my body.  I am seeing what helps and what harms me – both from a food, movement and timing perspective.

For example, if I do not keep to my strict routine, things slip and then I have to work harder to catch up before the end of day. Not a desirable situation.

If I eat too many fruits, then my body doesn’t feel as well the following day.  I don’t sleep as well and don’t wake as rested as I could be.

If I don’t eat a majority of green, leafy vegetables, then my bodyweight stops its downward progress, and I am stalled.  Or worse, start moving the scales upward.

Funny. I absolutely comply with the diet I chose at the beginning of the challenge, but so many other factors are contributing to my productivity and biometric markers.  Sleep being the biggest one.

And so I have another biometric that I will begin working on – Sleep.

Over the next week, I will look for ways to “Hack” my sleep to complete this 75 Hard Challenge not just successfully, but in perfect form. 

I will share my findings, applications and test results with you so you too can see whether this will help you on your 75 Hard Challenge, or even more phenomenally, your life journey.


Here were my meals today:

Breakfast – Coconut Water

Mid morning – Nada

Lunch – Celery Juice with natural collagen

Mid afternoon – Nada

Dinner –  Miked Salad with vegan feta cheese and olives


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