Today is a weird day.  Not sure if I should be happy or melancholy. When I conducted my bio-markers for the 75 Hard Challenge this morning, there were two conflicting results – one of which thrilled me tremendously.  The other less so.

So what were those?  Well, as you know, I weigh myself every morning to track the impact of what I ate the day before, and my sleep, on my weight.  Well, this morning, the scale showed a weight gain of about 1 lb. surprised

Now, knowing what I know about my body, I believe that this weight gain was most probably because I consumed carbs than normal yesterday.  By doing this, I must have interrupted the ketosis effect.  

To put me back into ketosis, I will therefore have to make additional adjustments to my meal plan.  My meals over the next few days will have to change to limit the amount of carbs I consume daily – less than 30g to get back into ketosis.

The second bio-marker had me elated and really put me on top of the moon for the rest of the day.  This was my blood pressure measurements.

They were down from 153/90 at the start of the challenge to 120/75.  I am so happy.  This is confirmation that that the ketosis approach is working and that I should continue on this path.

My muscles still ache – though not as much as before.  An old knee injury is acting up though – so I will need to pay attention to that.

Here were my meals today:

Breakfast – Celery Juice with natural collagen

Mid morning – Nada

Lunch – Mixed Green salad with avocado

Mid afternoon – Baked mixed vegetables with garlic tofu

Dinner –  Nada

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