So you just got a new subscriber to your list. She loved your giveaway item and gave you her email address and cell phone number in return for the value that she just received. Or maybe she just bought your fancy-dancy thing-a-ma-jig, and she’s waiting, impatiently for the final delivery. So what now?

Well the most important thing that you can do is to ensure that you begin the nurturing process immediately. You need to assure your new subscriber that she made the right choice, that she was correct when she decided to trust you. And the most impotant part of this process is your welcome email.

Your welcome email solidifies her first impression of your brand. And like all first impressions,you have to make it count!

So what does the perfect welcome email look like?

Well, it needs to do three very important things:

1. It needs to thank her for joining your community and also REMIND her why she joined.

2. You need to let her know what to expect from you – how often you will communicate and what you will be sharing. Why should she look out for future emails? How will they help her?

3. You need to invite her to engage. One of the things that most marketers forget is that email is not a one way communication. To be effective, there has to be a way to develop a two way conversation. We provide information, but we should also solicit information – to better understand and serve those that we are connecting with. So solicit engagement, through an exclusive subscriber offer or other call to action.

Here are some examples of very effective welcome emails that you can use as a guide when crafting your own.


1. Nextdoor

Next Door Welcome Email - 5 Effective Welcome Email Examples Nextdoor keeps it clean, simple and instructive. By outlining a step by step approach to using the application, it makes it easy for a newbie to get started and get connecting with others in the neighbourhood. 2 key points to note here:

1. The first paragraph welcomes the neighbour and expands on how they will benefit by becoming part of this online community.

2. There are clear calls to action with links to specific pages (e.g. “Join IN”, “Check who else is a member”, “Invite anyone who might be missing out”).

This is a very effective welcome email.



Headspace welcome email - 5 Effective Welcome Email Examples

Quite a contrast to NextDoor, the Headspace email uses images as a way of establishing their brand image from day 1. However, you will notice that there are still a few similarities to the welcome email from NextDoor.

1. The welcome message and reminder that I, the new subscriber,made the right choice. I am going to benefit from using the app overtime.

2.Three (3) options are presented through clickable images to get me started. Not too many options to make me feel overwhelm, just enough to solicit my immediate engagement.



Mailchimp welcome  - 5 effective welcome emails

Mailchimp uses a combination of images and text to get the message across. The image is clickable with arrows all pointing to the declaration in the middle,

Then we see the bold “H. Thanks for joining…” which makes you feel warm all over.

And then a message from the founder.  This really personalizes the email and gets you feeling that this company cares, they’re human and they also have a sense of humour (notice the socks comment?).

The entire message lets you know that the founders are just like you – they understand you and want to help you – by providing many links toall the tools, information and resources that they have made available to support you as you start and grow your business.

Finally there is a personal call to action – to connect with the founders on the social media platforms of choice – Twitter and LinkedIn.


4. Medium

Medium - 5 effective welcome email examples

Medium uses a very minimalist approach with their welcome email. Granted this email was from quite awhile ago (I started on the platform when it was in its’ infancy), but the general approach has not changed much. The platform welcomes you and immediately provides value by sharing content that would be of interest to you (based on the interests you indicated when you subscribed).

5. Sephora

Sephora- 5 effective welcome email examples

Sephora starts of the email with “It’s nice to meet you” – very much what one would say when you meet someone for the first time. You’re then immediately reminded why you signed up (first to know about new arrvals and special deals, etc.). And then, oh! What do I see! Something extra to delight me. I get a FREE BIRTHDAY GIFT if I join Beauty Insiders. Oh boy – now that’s a delight. More reason for me to click and engage further.

So what can we learn from these fabulously effective emails?

1. Be sure to accurately represent your brand – through your wording and your imagery. This is where first impressions actually count and will lead to further engagement or to complete disregard of future emails

2. Be welcoming and excited. Let the reader know that you’re happy to connect with them and have them as part of your community. Ensure that you remind them why they signed up, and how they will benefit from your future communications

3. Share a bit of your story so that they get to know you – they’ll stay a lot longer if they relate to your story and see the human behind the brand.

4. Understand the power of three. Three points of info is just enough to start someone off – nooverwhelm.It’s just like a nice, hot cup of tea.

5. Link the images in your email to make it easier for recipients to click through to your online content.

6. Provide value right away in the form of information and/or discounts. Solidify their expectations that this is going to be a great experience moving forward.

7. Solicit engagement – Get them to engage with you right away through a strong call to action.